Hey Girl Detox Tea Review (How I Lost 4 Pounds In 2 Days)

I’ve been intermittent fasting and doing a (mostly) plant-based diet for a while now, but every now and then, I mess up.

Last weekend was no exception!

Hubby and I decided to let loose a little bit, and I wound up breaking my fasting window and eating a bit too much of the wrong foods.

And of course, when that happens, bring on the icky, stuffed, backed-up, puffy, bloated feelings.

Gross, right?

It had been a long time since I used any detox cleansing teas or anything.

Normally I just wait it out, flush with water, do an extra workout or two and focus on eating clean.

But this time I really wanted help getting back on track with my intermittent fasting and clean eating plan.

So I decided to use Hey Girl Detox Tea to give me a little boost, and I wanted to share the results with you!


hey girl detox tea before and after

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First Impression Of Hey Girl Tea

I bought my Hey Girl Tea on Amazon.

And since I have Amazon Prime (get a FREE 30-day trial of Amazon Prime here) I was actually able to get it the same day, which was cool. (I know sometimes you can get things same day and others you have to wait, but I didn’t have to wait and I loved that!)

The packaging was super cute and I liked the design a lot.

But I didn’t come for the packaging – I came for the tea!

When I opened it the first thing I noticed was the earthy smell of the tea.

I really like earthy, herbal scents, so this was good to me!

It also had a slightly floral and fruity scent too, which I found nice and uplifting.

It smelled clean, grounded, green… all the things you want when you think of cleansing your body out!


I Took Hey Girl Tea At Night

You can take the tea at any time, but I chose to take mine at night a little before bed.

I had forgotten to take my multivitamin earlier in the day, so I went ahead and popped that while I drank my tea.

I figured I could give the tea ingredients time to do their job while I slept, hoping for a difference in the morning.

I’m going to tell you a bit about the product first, then I’ll share the results.


Hey Girl Tea Is Loose Leaf

I know some detox teas come in tea bags, but Hey Girl Tea is loose leaf. Meaning you’ll have to use a tea diffuser or strainer.

Now, I’m already an avid tea-drinker and lover so I have this really cool tea diffuser mug.

It’s a high-quality teacup that comes with a diffuser that fits right into the cup.

So all I had to do was boil some water, put a half teaspoon of the Hey Girl Tea into the diffuser, cover with water, and wait!

I want to mention that the back of the package says to use a “heaping teaspoon”, but I know I don’t want too much stimulation. So I started with half a teaspoon, maybe even a little less. And I like that level.

Anyway, it’s really easy to do, and I was happy that this was loose leaf tea. I feel like you get more bang for your buck with loose leaf because you can control how much you use at one time.

But that’s just me!


hey girl detox tea


I Steeped It For 15 Minutes

I meant to steep my Hey Girl Detox Tea for just ten minutes, as I know it could potentially cause too much cleansing if it goes too long.

But I got distracted by my little boy and wound up temporarily forgetting!

I considered dumping the tea and trying again but I figured what the heck.

So I drank the tea after letting it steep for fifteen minutes.


Hey Girl Tea Tastes Pretty Good!

I got the original Detox Cleanse version (in the gray and pink bag), but I did see they have the mint chocolate flavor which I will try next.

The original tea tastes pretty much exactly how it smells, which was great in my opinion.

I didn’t add any sweetener to the tea – I drank it as it was.

I found it very enjoyable.

It definitely has an earthy, herbal flavor – but also a hint of something fruity and lightly sweet.

It’s something I would drink on its own even without the detox and cleansing element, which in my opinion means it’s excellent.


My Experience With Hey Girl Cleanse Tea

hey girl weight loss detox tea

So now for my experience.

Like I said, I started with it at night hoping to let it do its job.

Within the first twenty minutes, my tummy was already bubbling and rumbling!

I was super shocked that it was taking effect so quickly, but excited all the same.

I was beyond ready to release what was making me so uncomfortable.

The tea made me use the restroom twice before bed – but nothing too crazy or wild. Just nice, regular movements that already helped ease some of the bloat and discomfort I was experiencing before.

My stomach still didn’t feel totally “empty” however, and I still felt more rumblings, so I knew the tea was still doing its job.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to use the restroom overnight or anything.

I slept like a baby, perfectly well, and the next morning was even better!


The Morning After Hey Girl Detox Tea

I woke up feeling so good after taking the tea!

I felt so much lighter and actually, a bit energized, if that makes sense.

After stepping on the scale I realized was down one pound, which was nice to see!

That motivated me to do what I wanted the tea to help me do – which was start fresh with intermittent fasting and eating clean.


Hey Girl Detox Tea + Intermittent Fasting

So, I said I kinda fell off my intermittent fasting plan for the weekend and wanted to pick it back up.

Instead of using my regular coffee in the morning, I swapped it out with another serving of Hey Girl Tea.

Again, I didn’t add sweetener or anything, so it wouldn’t break my fast.

It was actually quite a nice way to start the morning!

Again, I felt the rumblings in the tummy pretty much right away and was back on the toilet within thirty minutes.

This time, the floodgates opened and it’s where I think the real magic happened.

After that, I felt incredible!

Super light, super clean, just ready to take charge of my day!

And another benefit – I WAS NOT HUNGRY AT ALL!

I wound up fasting until well after 12 pm that day – almost until 1 o’clock, which is great for fasting.

I did drink a ton of water because I wanted to make sure I stayed hydrated, and it just felt good to help with the process.

And I got right back on my plant-based eating feeling incredible.


Hey Girl Tea + Sweet Sweat Belt

Later that evening before dinner, I chose to do a more aggressive workout than usual. I went running (well, I can’t run very fast so I guess it’s more like jogging.)

But I wanted to keep up with all I’d done that day and help the tea clean me out better, so I wore my Sweet Sweat Belt while I jogged.

I love the Sweet Sweat belt because the compression of my waist makes me feel so tiny!

There’s something that feels really good about feeling slimmer while working out.

And then, of course, it makes you sweat. Like, HARD.

My pants were soaking wet after my thirty-minute jog from all the sweat from my belly dripping down!

By the time I got home I was feeling so confident, like I’d done the best thing for my body, and ready to eat a healthy plant-based meal to cap off a great day.


One More Tea Before Bed

I checked my Fitbit Versa and saw that I was under my daily step count, so I walked around my living room while watching TV after dinner.

Once I got those extra steps in, I enjoyed one more cup of Hey Girl Tea before bed that night.

And again within twenty or thirty minutes I was back using the restroom.

That was the final effort I made toward debloating, detoxing, and getting back into the groove.

After I used the restroom that time, I felt no more rumbles and gurgles. My stomach felt more or less settled.

I slept extremely well again that night, woke up feeling great, and hopped on the scale…


Four Pounds Down In Two Days

I was down a whole four pounds in just two days!

I felt so good and fully restored – much faster than had I gone it on my own.

When I’ve tried white-knuckling it, jumping into fasting, eating clean, and exercising by itself it takes me at least a week to level out. And even then it’s not a full four pounds.

And I’d still be puffier and have less energy.

Do I think just taking Hey Girl Tea would have helped me flatten out if I didn’t also eat better, do my sweaty workout and get back on my fasting schedule?


I do think there’s something to it revving up the digestive system a bit faster than you would have otherwise. But if you continue to eat poorly and maybe don’t work out, you will stay bloated.

But I know for a fact without the tea, just working out, fasting, and drinking more water would NOT have given me the good result as quickly.

I’m so glad I used Hey Girl Tea and will keep it on hand as another tool in my toolbox for when I’m not so perfect with my daily routine.


Hey Girl Tea Step-By-Step For Weight Loss

To sum it up, here’s what I think you should do for the best results.

  • Take Hey Girl Tea before bed on the first night
  • Take another cup when you wake up in the morning
  • Drink TONS of water + intermittent fasting until hungry
  • Eat plant-based or clean, low-calorie foods all-day
  • Wear your Sweet Sweat belt and get a good workout in
  • One more cup of tea before bed
  • Weigh yourself the next morning and you should be down a few pounds!


Hey Girl Tea Gets A Thumbs Up

hey girl tea weight loss

At the end of the day, if you want a good result you definitely have to put in the effort.

But, sometimes you need a little boost!

In my opinion, Hey Girl Tea gave me just the extra push I needed to hop back on the right track quickly.

I felt great, got good results, and will definitely use it again for a little pick-me-up when I fall off again.

I hope you enjoyed my review and that you get good results too!

Good luck!

Alex from Eat Those Plants
Alex from Eat Those Plants

My name is Alex and I'm a passionate advocate of a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Since losing over 40 pounds on a vegan diet I've created the Eat Those Plants website to help you look good and feel great by putting more plants on your plate!