How To Get Rid Of Belly Bloat (16 Gut-Busting Tips)!

You know the feeling – puffy, huge, balloon-like… There is no shortage of expansive adjectives to describe a sensation that women worldwide, unfortunately, know all too well. Belly bloat.

Almost everyone will experience bloat at some point for one reason or another. And it sucks.

In this article, we’ll start by explaining the causes of belly bloat, show you how to prevent belly bloat,  share long-term solutions to get rid of belly bloat, then help you reduce belly bloat asap.

Let’s jump in!


belly bloat

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Need To Beat Belly Bloat NOW?

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Why Does My Belly Bloat?

Bloating refers to a sensation of pressure and fullness caused by extra gas accumulated in the intestine when the body is for some reason unable to expel it. In severe cases, this can be extremely painful, but usually, it just causes mild discomfort.

The usual culprit for bloating is poor digestion. When undigested food rests in the intestines for too long, it ferments, producing carbon dioxide gas, which causes the sensation of bloating.

Other causes of bloating include swallowing extra air by such activities as chewing gum, drinking fizzy drinks, gulping air or eating too quickly.

Additionally, consuming high quantities of foods that are harder to digest or ingesting heavy meals can contribute to digestive issues that lead to belly bloat.

In some cases, bloating is a symptom of an underlying medical condition such as lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease or hormonal changes that are common during PMS or pregnancy.


8 Dietary Changes To Prevent Belly Bloat

  • Potassium-rich foods: Foods rich in potassium, like bananas, oranges, and watermelon, are effective in reducing belly bloat. They stabilize the fluid in your body, reducing overall puffiness in your entire body.


  • Go low-carb: Reducing carbohydrate intake can have a serious effect on reducing your belly bloat. While healthy carbs found in fruits and veggies are okay if you have a problem with bloating you might want to lay off the bread and pasta, especially in the evenings.


  • Avoid soda: Carbonated beverages (including sparkling water) have excess air and can contribute to bloating your tummy. It’s best to stick to non-carbonated beverages. Of course, water is king queen, but tea and coffee are excellent choices too. You can even infuse your water with fruits and herbs to make beautiful, delicious, tummy-slimming detox water!


  • Parsley: Fresh parsley is not only pretty, but it acts as a natural diuretic. Adding it to recipes will please your palate and reduce belly bloat at the same time.


  • Skip dairy: Some people have lactose intolerance, which sucks if you love milk, cheese, and ice cream. But if you want to beat the bloat and you know you have issues with dairy… skip it (at least sometimes).


  • Fill up on fiber: Foods that are rich in fiber, such as lentils, pears, and avocados, will not only keep you bloat-free but help you feel fuller for longer. Most women don’t get enough fiber in their diets each day. You should aim for 25 to 30 grams daily.


  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol can cause belly bloat for many reasons. The sugar content in your mixed drink and the bad food choices you make after drinking are the tip of the iceberg. Skipping out on drinking here and there can help reduce your belly bloat.


  • Nix artificial sweeteners: Though good for taming your sweet-tooth without an avalanche of calories added to your day, many artificial sweeteners contain components that cause belly bloat.


Remember those HILARIOUS Haribo Gummy Bear reviews from a couple years back? People thought they could get their sugar fix for no calories and it blew up in their faces (no pun intended). It’s best to opt for naturally sweet foods instead, such as fruits and berries.


Long-Term Belly Bloating Remedies

  • Avoid sucking in extra air: Avoid activities or habits that cause you to suck in excess air – such as chewing gum, smoking or eating too quickly. Eating too fast causes you to inhale extra air. Slow down, chew thoroughly and savor the flavor in your ever-so-tasty food!


  • Prepare for PMS: Most women experience belly bloat around their periods… part of the fun of being a girl! A sure-fire way to beat belly bloat around that time of the month is to make sure you get enough calcium and magnesium. Both of these nutrients have been found to alleviate bloat.


  • Take a daily probiotic: Probiotics are living organisms that help balance the bacteria in the gut, easing digestion in the process. This works wonders to help alleviate stomach bloating. You can get your daily probiotics through food such as yogurt, kombucha or kimchi. Or you can use a supplement such as Bio Schwartz Probiotic with Acidopholus, which brings super-fast results in just a few days!


  • Apply pressure: Sometimes your belly bloat is due to intestinal gas. It might sound crazy but massaging your belly just might work. You don’t know unless you give it a try!


  • Work up a sweat: Moving your body can help reduce belly bloat in many ways. First, the movement can help get your digestive tract moving. Working up a sweat also helps remove fluid and release toxins from the body. (Not to mention moving more results in a slimmer physique overall, right?)


  • Try peppermint oil: Studies have shown that peppermint oil has significantly reduced bloating in persons with digestive issues. A few drops of peppermint essential oil mixed in with a carrier oil applied to the stomach provides a cooling, soothing sensation and reduces belly bloat.



Reduce Belly Bloat In An Hour

The best way to reduce belly bloat in as fast as one hour is to try this easy peasy belly bloat pill that you can get from Amazon!

That way, you can make plans to monitor your eating, of course.

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