5 Of The Best Indoor Workouts You Can Do At Home

If you’re anything like me, you know exercise is important, but life just… gets in the way sometimes. It seems like there’s a never-ending rollercoaster of things that are in your way.

For me, I seem to always get on a good track with exercising. Hitting the gym at least 4x per week, doing cardio AND lifting weights and everything is perfect. Then, BOOM. Something happens, I get thrown off track and it’s so freaking hard to get back on the wagon!

One thing I’ve found to help fill in the gaps when I don’t have enough time (or willpower, let’s be real) to get to the gym all the time are indoor workouts I can do at home!

Today I’m going to share my top 5 indoor exercises that help me stay on track when life gets in the way of burning it down in the gym all week.


The Best Thing About Indoor Workouts

simple indoor workouts

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Even if your issue isn’t time, there are many reasons why you might want to work out at home.

When the weather is bad outdoors, you can still get a great workout. Or perhaps you want to be home with your family more, and heading to the gym cuts into that time.

Maybe you can’t afford it or don’t want to spend extra money on a gym membership. Working out indoors cuts all those excuses right on out, and makes fitness accessible to almost anyone. It’s great!


Special Equipment For Indoor Workouts

Do you need special equipment for indoor workouts? The answer is no!

You really don’t have to have any special exercise equipment pieces.  But if you do use these, it can really boost the results that you’ll see from your routine.

If you don’t have any dumbbells, resistance bands or kettle bells and it’s within your budget to grab some, you might want to do just that.


5 Indoor Workouts You Can Do At Home


1- Jump Rope

One of the easiest and yet most effective ways of getting in shape is found by jumping rope.

Jumping rope is so effective that it can give your body the same benefits you’d get from running.

In fact, in just 10 minutes, you get an aerobic workout with a jumping rope. It’s known as a HIIT exercise and can help shed abdominal fat. It also works out both the upper and lower body and particularly, your core.

In some ways, it’s easier on the knees too. That sounds counter-intuitive, but for me at least when I try running on the pavement outside, I wind up with tender knees after a while.

But with jumping rope, I wind up being better able to control the shock by staying on my toes and jumping lightly.

Don’t have a jump rope? Click here to grab one on Amazon!


2- Planking

If you really want to work on your core, you might also want to try planking.

This exercise resembles a push-up but involves holding still rather than moving.

While resting on your forearms and having the tips of your toes on an exercise mat, you remain still.

Planking is incredible because in just one swift move, it works out your shoulders, back, chest and core.

While challenging at the start, you can increase duration over time relatively quickly. At least that’s been my experience.

It’s also great on the knees if you have knee pain, and can be modified to suit your level of intensity.


3- Stair Stepper

Using a stair stepper is a great way to exercise at home. Not only is it a cardiovascular exercise, but it also builds lean muscles. You can work your calves, hamstrings and more doing this exercise.

You don’t have to have an actual stair stepper, mind you.

You can step up and down from a small kitchen step ladder, from a thick book or anything safe and sturdy that gives you the height to step up.


4- Yoga

Yoga is another great exercise that you can do at home. Not only does it strengthen your body and develop your muscles but yoga that’s intense can burn a lot of calories.

The best thing about it is you can access many indoor yoga workouts for free either on YouTube or on your smartphone.

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5- Body Resistance Training

Finally, you can exercise using a plan like HIIT or other home workout programs, or you can put together your own routine doing things like squats, push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, and using arm and leg weights.

Here’s an excellent 9-minute body resistance workout you can try!

Check it out and see how you do!


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re pressed for time, dealing with bad weather, lacking the motivation to go to the gym or any other reason, you’ll benefit from having a set of indoor workouts in your toolbox.

I hope this list of indoor workouts gives you some ideas for how you can get and stay fit under any circumstances.

Best of luck!


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5 Of The Best Indoor Workouts You Can Do At Home

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Alex from Eat Those Plants

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