How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week (SUPER Fast Weight Loss)

Raise your hand if you’d like to lose 10 pounds in a week.  ✋

Cool, I thought you might!

If you’re ready to learn my super-secret trick to melt real body fat in only one week, you’re in the right place.

Today I’m going to tell you exactly the steps you need to follow to lose weight quick!


10 pounds in a week
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The Super-Secret Weight Loss Diet To Try

So, first I want to tell you the super-secret diet that will help you lose the weight. It’s the 21-Day Smoothie Diet!

I know it says “21-Days” and that’s because the whole program lasts 21 days.

But trust me – you will NOT need to wait 21 days to lose weight.

Within my first three days I’d lost about five pounds or so. Then it kept snowballing from there!

And I’m not the only one… check out the testimonials!


intermittent fasting weight loss


How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

So, the 21-Day Smoothie Diet program comes with everything you need to lose 10 pounds in a week.

The program includes 21-days worth of delicious smoothie recipes, instructions for what to make and when, shopping lists, and a clean-eating meal plan to follow for the meals you do eat.

If you follow the program as it says, you WILL lose weight. FAST!

But I want to tell you a few of the tricks I used along with The Smoothie Diet to lose weight even faster than normal.

You see, most people would lose 10 pounds or 20 pounds in the whole 3-weeks.

But if you want to lose 10 pounds in just ONE week… do it like this!


Intermittent Fasting + The Smoothie Diet!

The secret hack is to combine the 21-Day Smoothie Diet with intermittent fasting!

It’s so simple and honestly not all that hard to do.

The way I did it was to avoid eating after 8 at night, and before 12 noon the next day.

So you skip breakfast, and have one of the 21-Day Diet smoothies for lunch.

Have your second smoothie around 3 or 4 pm.

Then have your program-approved dinner meal just before 8 at night.

No late-night snacking. No breakfast.



Drink A TON Of Water To Lose Weight Faster

If you really want to lose more weight fast like I did, here’s what else you need to do.

First, make sure you drink a TON of water. I mean a TON.

I was drinking a gallon a day (127 ounces).

To help with this, I recommend buying Mio Drops and putting a few drops in your water.

It really helps!


Use A Sweat Belt On Your Waist

Next, if you want to lose lots of weight in your belly, you should get a sweat belt!

It’s recommended to use it during any exercise you do, of course.

But what I did was wear it ALL DAY.

I mean ALL day.

My waist was super sweaty, but honestly I liked the compression and it wasn’t a big deal.

I believe constantly wearing the compression belt made my waist smaller in that one week.


Add Some Exercise

What I love most about The 21-Day Smoothie Diet is that you don’t have to exercise.

But if you’re serious about losing weight fast, why not add at least a little?

For me, I added one 30-minute walk every day (while wearing my waist trainer belt, of course.)

Then I did crunches at night.

It worked, so I think you should try it if you can!


Eat Simple Snacks If You’re Hungry

On a restrictive diet like this, you’re bound to get hungry.

You’re not supposed to eat in between the smoothies or outside of that one meal you get for dinner.

But, in my experience, I still lost all the weight I wanted really fast as long as I kept the snacks VERY light.

Apples, celery, carrot sticks and that’s about it.

It would SUCK to go through all this and wind up not losing weight because you snacked when you weren’t supposed to, right?

Just trust me. Either have no snacks at all or pick ONLY from those three.

That’s why drinking water is so important. You get way less hungry if you’re filling up on water!


One Good Thing To Expect

One good thing you can expect is that you do have one day where you don’t have to do the smoothies every week.

You get to eat three full meals and eat normally (just off the approved list).

You don’t have to cook all the recipes they give you in the program. But I liked them!

In my opinion, anything that takes all the thinking and guesswork out of it makes it simple.

Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to!

It’s all figured out for you, and it’s not for THAT long.

Just do it right the first time, get the weight off, and be done!


A Word About Pricing

One quick word about pricing.

When I first saw The Smoothie Diet, it was $47. At the time I didn’t want to make the investment, so I waited.

By the time I was finally ready to give it a try, the price had ballooned to nearly $60!

I tried to wait a few days to see if it would come back down, but it didn’t. So I wound up paying full price.

Now, the program is ABSOLUTELY worth what I paid. So I’m not complaining.

But the point of all of this is to say if you see it at $47 or below – BUY IT.

All you’ll wind up doing is decide you want to buy it later and wind up paying extra.

That’s silly!

Buy it if you see it on sale and keep your body light and your wallet full!


What About After The Diet Ends?

After the diet ends, if you’re not all the way through the 21-days… finish it!

Once you finish, I don’t think you should do another round right away, though.

You could wait some time and then do another round a few weeks later, of course.

But after that you will be so much lighter, leaner, and happier and more confident than before.

And that’s what it’s all about, am I right?


You CAN Lose 10 Pounds In A Week!

intermittent fasting weight loss 10 pounds in a week

So there you have it. It’s how you can lose 10 pounds in a week and feel SO good about yourself and in your body.

Good luck and I hope it works for you as good as it did for me!

Alex from Eat Those Plants
Alex from Eat Those Plants

My name is Alex and I'm a passionate advocate of a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Since losing over 40 pounds on a vegan diet I've created the Eat Those Plants website to help you look good and feel great by putting more plants on your plate!